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We are not your ordinary chocolate company.  


At ZORA, we’re doing things differently to make you act, feel and think a little differently too. 


We started ZORA to: 

Encourage the appreciation of cocoa farmers in West Africa. 

Empower women to inspire themselves. 

Demystify cocoa sourcing and processing. 

Create nutritious products for the mind, body and soul. 


That's what’s important to us and we're addressing it through the art of making chocolate. 


Our purpose is to intrinsically involve you within our product development process, so that we can evolve together, leveraging the digital age we now live in. 

Basically, we want to create chocolate for you, with you. 

You're probably wondering, how are we going to do this? 

We’re not there yet.


So for now, if you have a chocolate in mind that you’re craving, can’t stop thinking about or if you want to be a part of a new sensory exploration, don’t hold back, there are no limitations to creativity! 

Send us your chocolate dreams and desires at zorateam@zorachocolate.com

With Love,  


What if we broke free

from the conventional perceptions

we have been fed about chocolate?