What if we broke free from the conventional perceptions we have been fed about chocolate?

Dive Deeper With Us

We all know chocolate is good for us and does good for the world. 

Or do we? 

Here at ZORA, we're doing things a little differently, to make you act, feel and think a little differently too.


       We believe connections are made through the art of sharing and inclusion.

We started ZORA to encourage the appreciation of cocoa farmers in West Africa. We see cocoa farmers as the most important members in the chocolate chain and we want you to see them too. 


We started ZORA to empower women to inspire themselves. 


We started ZORA to highlight nutritious cocoa beans, presenting delicious velvety chocolates, inspiring well-being for the body, mind and soul.

We started ZORA to demystify the art of making chocolate and encourage you to be a part of developing our products.

Now, this last part is very important.


Our purpose is to fuel your desires through the research, development and production of organic bean-to-bar chocolate, opening doors to the ultimate tasting experience. 

We believe a person with a desire tends to act in certain ways, feel in certain ways, and think in certain ways.


We want to create chocolate for you, with you. 


So, if you have a chocolate in mind that you are luring for, can’t stop thinking about, or if you want to be a part of an exciting, new sensory exploration, don’t hold back, we are waiting for you. 


Tell us your chocolate dreams and desires: zorateam@zorachocolate.com



With love,